After your order has been placed and you receive your initial order confirmation email, you will receive a second email regarding the Route App:

On a computer web browser you can click on 'Track My order' and you will be rerouted to a web page that will show you a map with any tracking updates when they become available. 

If you are using a mobile phone, click on the 'Track My order' button and you will either be rerouted to download the app or taken directly to it if you have done so previously. When the Route app is downloaded, you can then either login or create an account.

On your home page you will see a tab on the bottom half of the app with your package(s). Click on it and locate the order you want to track and click again. You will see your order details, along with any tracking information available if the shipment has been assigned a tracking number:

With this app you can look into the status of your package manually inside the app or you can turn on notifications for the app through your phones settings to get real time alerts with the orders updates.

Route App Not Showing Tracking Updates

If the Route App is not providing you with tracking updates and you received a shipping confirmation from us, please track your package using the tracking number and tracker provided by the shipping company chosen.