If your order has lacked any new update after several days, you may be thinking it is lost. We understand that this can be concerning. However, packages are often delayed through each shipping company for several reasons. 

Your package may also be on its way to the next sorting facility but was not properly scanned after being accepted for transit. When it arrives at the next sorting facility, your tracking information should be updated. Please visit our Tracking FAQ's which could have more information on your specific lost package.

What can I do?

A good place to begin is to check that the address you provided is correct. If this address is incorrect, please contact the shipping company right away to correct this mistake and let us know of the error at support@handheldlegend.com.

The Parcel App also provides a more comprehensive update on most packages. It may contain an update that is not available on the website or app you are using to track your package.

If you have shipped your package through USPS and it has been 15 days since the last tracking update, please begin a Missing Mail Search.

If you have Route Package Protection on your order, please visit this article that shows the proper steps for filing a claim for lost orders. It is up to the customer to file a claim on time and properly. Please review their timelines for claims.

If you have Navidium Shipping Protection on your order, to file a claim, please first review the guidelines. If you believe your claim is currently eligible for approval, you can file your claim here.

What we can do:

Shipments that are suspected as lost are subject to a waiting period. Tracking information that does not update 30 days from the last notice may be considered lost. This time frame is subject to change due to covid-19, holidays, and inclement weather.

Lost shipments are not subject to automatic replacements or refunds, however, we are happy to work with you to get a replacement/refund if appropriate. Please review our shipping policy for further information.