When you have completed your order with us, you will be rerouted to the 'Thank you' page that will look like this:

You will see the immediate tracking options available for you to use once your order has been assigned a tracking number and shipped from our facility - this includes the Shop App.

As seen on the 'Thank You' page above, if you are on a computer web browser, you will notice this option when you click on 'Download Shop to track package':

Once you scan the QR code with your mobile phones camera or open the link you sent to your phone, you will be taken to a web page that prompts you to download the shop app. 

If you are already on a mobile phone, simply click the 'Download Shop to track package' button as seen above and you will either be rerouted to download the app or taken directly to it if you have done so previously.

When the shop app is downloaded, you can either login or create an account. After this you should see your order available on the home page of the Shop App:

When you click on the order, you will be able to see all of the details regarding the order and it's tracking information:

When the order has been assigned a tracking number and shipped out, you will receive real time updates after that on the page above.


With this app you can look into the status of your package manually inside the app or you can turn on notifications for the app through your phones settings to get real time alerts with the orders updates.