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When placing an order with us we ask that you read each product page, title, and any installation instructions carefully to assure that you have selected the correct items for purchase. These are some questions you will want to ask yourself when placing an order:

  • Have I selected all the items I will need to complete any modifications I am attempting to do?
  • Are all the items I have selected compatible with one another? (Ex: A Q5 LCD kit will need a Q5 lens for optimal use.)
  • Have I selected the correct item/variant from the drop down menu on the product page?
  • Am I confident in my modding skills or comfortable with potentially damaging my products and/or my Game Boy Console at my own risk if I attempt this modification?
  • Have I read and fully understand each product page and any instructions included for the items I have selected?

If you have any questions in regards to selecting the correct products, are unsure of what you might need to complete any modifications, or other general product questions, please email us at support@handheldlegend.com or open up a support ticket through our website before completing your purchase.

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After reviewing, please click on and read our 'COVID 19 SHIPPING DELAYS' page, then check the box to confirm you understand this policy. At this time, you may also either opt in or opt out of Route Package Protection which is a cost effective way to ensure your order is protected. By opting out of shipping protection from Route, you acknowledge that Hand Held Legend is not liable for lost, damaged or stolen shipments. If you select to add Route Package Protection, please read their Deadline Policy. Last, you can write any order notes that may come to mind. You can use this feature for your convenience but for the best quality and accuracy for any questions or concerns regarding your order or the order process, please contact us through our support channels listed above.

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