Having trouble fitting your Game Boy Color CleanJuice Module into the Prestige Shell? Is there an issue with getting your GBC module to charge? We have a solution!

*Please reference this installation video before proceeding.

The first thing to do is to place the PCB (white board) onto the battery. Make sure the text "CleanJuice GBC" on the PCB and "RetroSix" on the battery are both facing up and read the same way. This will make the gold battery contacts on your right. You will notice that the PCB contacts are not completely flush with the battery contacts:

Bend the PCB battery contacts on the right inward. This helps aid them in making complete contact with the battery contacts:

Next, tape down the PCB to the battery with Kapton Tape on both sides. This is due to there being a slight bend in some of the PCB's and they may not sit completely flush on the battery:

Then, bend the ends of the PCB contacts on the right to be around a 90 degree angle from the battery contacts:

You will keep the PCB contacts on the left side of the PCB in their normal position:

After you perform these steps, you may attempt to charge you module once again on the QI charger to see if that solves this particular issue. If it does not, please see the bottom of this article.

Then you may begin to put the module into the shell. Start by inserting the bottom left PCB contact into the motherboard negative contact spring:

Gently press the module into the motherboard negative contact and slowly lower the module into the battery housing from left to right until it is placed:

Last, very gently push the battery cover tab outward to make it wider:

This will provide a more secure and flush fit of the battery cover. Make sure you hear a "click" noise and that the battery cover is nearly flush with the shell:

If the issue of the module not charging still persists, please test out your charger with another device to confirm that the charger is not the issue. If you have just received the module, you do not need to charge it right away as it comes pre-charged. Please play the console with the module for at least two hours before attempting to charge. 

If after following these steps you are still experiencing either problem, please contact us at support@handheldlegend.com