Coins are your rewards for purchasing items from us! For every dollar you spend you get four coins. Once you hit a certain amount of coins, you can redeem them for coupons like free shipping, five dollars off, etc. Just make sure you are logged into your account every time you make a purchase to get the coins and to redeem.

Where do I find my coins and how do I get the reward coupon code?

When you go our website, you will see the drop down tab Resources, and click on Rewards:

Then in the bottom left corner, the rewards prompt will come up. Login into your account and you should be able to access your rewards coins:

When you have enough coins for a reward, you will see the option below to redeem:

Click on Redeem and you will be taken to the next prompt which contains your personalized coupon code.

I have my coupon code but how do I enter it for redemption?

If you have purchased items with a bulk or wholesale discounts pre-applied, you will notice that on the 'My Shopping Cart' page you have the option to add a discount code. This is where you will need to enter you rewards code in order to use it. Simply copy the coupon code and enter it in the area seen below and click apply:

To redeem your reward with no wholesale or bulk discounts on your items, simply copy the coupon code and enter it on the payment page of checkout and click apply:

Now your reward has been redeem!

*You can only have one coupon code entered at a time. Once a reward code has been created for redemption, we are unable to cancel it or refund your rewards coins.

*Free shipping coupon may only be redeemable for domestic shipments. If you have redeemed this coupon and are unable to use it on an international order, please message