The Game Boy Color Q5 LCD kit allows for the most customizable options for your screen brightness and orientations. 

The Q5 includes:

  • On screen controls allow you to move the display window for perfect centration
  • Change brightness and IPS color with button controls
  • Connect "SEL"   to Select button
  • Connect "L"   to A button
  • Connect "R"   to B button
  • Press  Select + A and he brightness will decrease
  • Press  Select + B and the brightness will increase
  • Press Select + A+ B   at the same time and the color will change every 1 second

However, if you feel your screen is not appearing as bright as it is supposed to be, even on the highest setting, you may need to do a hard reset of the functions. Below is how your set up should appear and some steps you can take to factory reset the system.