This kit comes with all the capacitors needed to fix EVERY VERSION of your Game Gear:

  • VA1
  • VA4
  • VA5

In this kit you will find the following surface mount capacitors (for audio and main board):

  • 13x l00uF
  • 13x l0uF
  • 2x luF

And the following aluminium capacitors (for the power board)

  • l00uF Aluminium
  • 22uF Aluminium
  • 820uF Aluminium

Audio Board Recapping:

Replace all 5 capacitors on the audio board with the l00uF surface mount capacitors.

Polarity does not matter.

Power Board Recapping"

Replace the 3 capacitors on the board with the same sized aluminium capacitors.

Polarity matters, make sure ta put them in the right way!

Main Board Recapping:

Replace all l00uF, 68uF, 4 7uF, 33uF, 22uF capacitors with l00uF surface mount capacitors.

*With the exception on the rare VA4 (837-9537) revision of the board, DO NOT replace C46 located at the top left with l00uF capacitor, instead replace it with the l0uF capacitors. Stack 2 of the l0uF capacitors on top of each other.

Replace all I OuF and 4.7uF capacitors with lOuF surface mount capacitors.

Replace all l uF and 0.47uF capacitors with l uF surface mount capacitors.