The following is a direct quote from our friends at RetroSix:

"If you see the Prestige name used on any products such as the shells and consoles, you can be assured that all parts like shells, glass, buttons and so on are made by us directly, and not some generic low quality product on the market.

The prestige range started back in 2019 when I made the first Game Boy Advance shell moulds 

because I was so unhappy with the quality on the market. It cost a lot, took a lot of time and skill to re-make the entire shell, buttons, metal parts, rubbers and so on, but I finally did it in late 2019. The results were amazing. The shell was so high quality compared to the others on the market. After that I continued to refine the mould to perfection and updating it to drop-in support modern mods. 

Following the huge success of the GBA shell, I went on to make the shell for the Game Boy DMG. This was an even bigger improvement than the standard market shells of the GBA, as the GB DMG has the worst aftermarket shell known. The Prestige Game Boy shell really brings the original Game Boy back to the high quality standards we remembered when it launched.

Continuing on the success of each mould, I continue to re-make perfect replications of the original consoles of the past. Next up is the Game Gear, followed by more Game Boys or perhaps NGPC. Who knows :)

What materials are used?

Common shells on the market use low grade, low finish moulds, and cheaper plastic composites of unknown origins. This leads to poor accuracy in the final moulds, lots of flashing (tags on plastic needing trimming off) and a very soft and easily scratched or broken product, along with a very cheap feel.

The Prestige shells are made from known sourced high quality ABS with the perfect blend for strength vs accuracy. The feel of the Prestige shells is better than original, truly. This isn't sales talk, this is from spending a LOT of money getting the moulds and the process and materials just right, over 18 months.

Every shell is hand inspected and packed. No less than perfect shell leaves our distribution warehouse."