Shipping from the United States of America to local and international customers.

Rates can be calculated according to weight and order amount by visiting the cart and then checkout page.

Shipping Insurance

Route Package Protection is a cost effective way to ensure your order is protected. At checkout you are automatically opted in to Route. By opting out of shipping protection from Route, you acknowledge that Hand Held Legend is not liable for lost, damaged or stolen shipments.

Duties, VAT, and other Taxes

Products and shipping options do not include international taxes, duties, VAT or other fees as regulated by foreign governments. We take no responsibility for customs/import charges. If you are unaware of the currently policy for your state of residence, please contact your local customs office.

Customers who do not wish to pay customs fees for any reason after your order has been placed cannot be refunded as the items may not be sent back. 

By ordering you agree to accept any import or customs charges for your order. 

Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries

International shipping is available for lithium ion batteries but only through our standard mail service.

Domestic orders are eligible for lithium ion battery shipment as they are packed with equipment and abide by US shipping law.

Notice of Delivery

Orders that have been marked "delivered" or "delivery attempted" or other phrases that maintain the same meaning as those prior, are considered complete. If you are still missing your order, please contact your local post or customs office, check with a neighbor for a delivery address mistake or your security cameras for theft.

Anyone can state that their package has not been delivered even if is has. The majority of our customs are trustworthy but some are not and tracking information is the only we can ensure receipt of our shipments.

IPA shipments via international mail, do not come with tracking information for the last mile delivery. Please consider purchasing insurance for these package as they are not 100% secure due to foreign policy agreements.

My package was stolen! What now? 

If you purchased shipping/order insurance through Route, please file a claim here.

Hand Held Legend is not responsible for packages that have been marked as "delivered" or "attempted for delivery". Please make arrangements to be present for your delivery or provide a secure place to deliver them.

Can you declare a lower value on international customs forms?

No. We are legally required to provide an unaltered purchase amount and invoice according to your countries import laws. Changing prices is illegal.